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What you need for a successful holiday on the island: a rental car? - What is a house for rent or bungalows? Don't miss the opportunity, in Holidays Rent a Car - Bungalows we have everything you'll need.

We have been for many years, his company of cars and houses for rent in reliable in island of La Palma. In reference to cars, we have great variety of one, two - and four doors, and several models. We also have vehicles with automatic transmission, as well as one family of 9 squares. Each car is cleaned on a regular basis, before and after being rented, and they are equipped with all the security checks required, for you to feel comfortable in your vehicle.

To pick up your vehicle, our employees are pleased to welcome you at the airport, displaying a sign with your name, and then accompanies you to the parking lot to give you all the information and instructions necessary for a proper functioning. At the time of your departure, you may be able to leave your vehicle in the point more comfortable for you. We also have accommodations - Bungalows. Through the following links, you will be able to consult all our houses.


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